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Sprea group possesses a portfolio with titles from diverse segments such as IT, history, science, music, gardening, food computers and others.

The Licensing and Syndication team is responsible for global sales of all Sprea’s content. We have developed strategic partnerships around the globe to sell brands and content. 

We can supply content from all our portfolio and can sell pictures, text, features and articles or whole branded sections. 

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Il Mio Giardino
Il Mio Giardino is the only magazine in Italy that tells you how to choose, position and look after your plants, containing detailed information on species, tools and products, and giving you step-by-step instructions on sowing, planting and pruning and much, much more. Readers can rest assured that every monthly issue will be bursting with advice on what to do in the garden and how to look after the plants on the balcony, deck or patio, in the house, on the allotment and in the orchard. Il Mio Giardino is full of ideas and tips of the trade to ensure that all your plants are healthy, happy and blooming beautifully!

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Gardening

Pollice Verde
Pollice Verde is an easy-to-understand practical manual for gardeners who want to achieve guaranteed results with no time wasted. Pollice Verde is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to make their conservatory, patio, yard or balcony a beautiful and fragrant natural oasis. An editorial initiative that has changed the face of gardening media and marketing in Italy.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Gardening

Il Mio Giardino Speciale
Il Mio Orto is a special issue to help all the gardening addicted to create and cultivate a vegetable garden. The magazine gives advices to choose plants, the environment and the best equipment in order to have beautiful and healthy products. Besides, it explains the rotation cycle of cultures and the moon cycle and how they influence a vegetable garden.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Gardening

Il Mio Giardino Funghi
Funghi, that belongs to the editorial office of Il Mio Giardino, is made of 128 pages dedicated to the magic and scented fruits of the land. It has beautiful images both of the mushrooms, in order to recognize and differentiate them from the dangerous ones, and of the locations where search them. Besides, the magazine gives advices and illustrated ways to conserve and cook mushrooms.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: 2 issues per year - Category: Gardening

Featuring exclusive reviews on games tested before anyone else gets the chance, not to mention the latest news and comment from the world of PlayStation, PSM is the sole important point of reference for owners of PS2, PS3 and PSP.

Format: 20,7x28,5 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: Video Game

App Journal
App Journal is a monthly magazine devoted to the world of Apps for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Every month it features dozens of in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest Apps for fun, lifestyle, professional time management, information, messaging, photography and much, much more. Each App has been exhaustively tried and tested by at least two members of our research team in order to give a balanced view of its pros and cons. The magazine is also full of helpful reviews of the latest innovative gadgets and gizmos compatible with Apple mobile communications devices.

Format: 20,7x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Computer & Technology

Ubuntu Facile
It is a monthly magazine featuring everything there is to know about the Ubuntu, the most popular Linux operating system of recent years. Designed for Linux beginners and those who are tired of Windows and are seeking easy-to-understand, comprehensive information on making the switch to Ubuntu. Each monthly issue features 32 pages bursting with helpful advices, hints, tips, tutorials and well-researched articles. Issues such as installation, trouble-shooting, compatibility and applications are covered in-depth, and highlight the fact that Open Source software and Linux are increasingly becoming more than a valid alternative to Windows.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Computer & Technology

Il Mio Computer Idea
Il Mio Computer Idea is a fortnightly publication perfect for those who want to improve how they use their computer for work, study and especially for fun. Its easy-to-understand, no-nonsense articles enable even the least computer savvy to discover how simple it is to use the major software packages without the hassle of signing up for computer courses. Each issue also contains lots of handy hints and tips on how best to use Windows, the internet, Office, e-mail, and graphic-design, photo-editing, music and video software.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Every 14 Days - Category: Computer & Technology

Professione Camionista
Professione Camionista is a bible for drivers of vans, lorries and other heavy goods vehicles, and those who work in the sector. The secret of its success is trying, testing and presenting vehicles, tools and related products on behalf of those who spend their working lives on the road. With no-nonsense text and ample space dedicated to photographs, this magazine is a big hit with truckers who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the trucking world. With news, reviews, events coverage and technical info, not to mention investigations, reports, fascinating editorials and special features on vintage vehicles, the trucking profession and Italian firms, it is the perfect truck-stop companion.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Cars & Trucks

Furgoni Magazine
The only one magazine speaking about soft commercial transport. In each issue there are news, road tests, previews, investigative reports, costs analysis, the main fairs of the sector, advices about books and many other arguments. Besides, there is also an illustrated catalog with values and lacks, technical characteristics, useful addresses, measures of all the vehicles sold in Italy.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: 3 issues per Years - Category: Cars & Trucks

Guida SUV
The magazine is dedicated to SUV, crossover and vehicles "off roads" but comfortable and with urban style. In each issue there are detailed profiles of each vehicle with technical characteristics, images and prices, and there are also road tests of the most interesting and new vehicles. Besides, there is a guide dedicated to the dealers of the market.

Format: 20,7x28,5 - Periodicity: 3 issues per Years - Category: Cars & Trucks

Green Car
It's a special issue about hybrid, electric, bifuel, GPL and natural gas vehicles. Each one has its detailed and illustrated profile. In the magazine there are also new products, previews, dealers and road tests with the comparison of the equivalent endothermic.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Cars & Trucks

Il Mio Cane
Il Mio Cane turns its expert eye on the almost 400 breeds recognised today. Appealing to a wide audience, its main aim is to offer its readers practical advice and news. Targeted towards the general public rather than the specialist professional, it is packed full of useful information and easy to apply suggestions on choosing and daily management of man's best friend.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Pet

Gatto Magazine
Gatto Magazine is just for cat lovers, containing useful hints and tips about cat ownership, splendid photographic reports on these delightful and much-loved creatures, and contributions from luminaries of the cat world and others who have chosen cats as their lifelong companions.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: Pet

Argos focuses on pedigree cats and dogs, and features detailed dossiers on special breeds. Argos is an invaluable source of information for breeders and enthusiasts alike, and recounts the current state of affairs from perspective of the pets and their owners. Among the myriad fascinating columns and special features that the magazine contains, the photographic reports are a firm favourite with our readers.

Format: 23x28,5 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Pet

Il Fotografo
Il Fotografo has made history in professional photography publishing. It keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of the target market and expressly caters for its readers' desires with features on a wide variety of topics and expert editorials. It is the professional photographer's magazine of choice, keeping a watchful eye on the latest trends and innovations and offering the reader up-to-theminute news and knowledgeable features. Not merely confined to technology, Il Fotografo is also packed full of everything its readers need to know about transforming their hobby into a successful vocation. Each issue features an illuminating cover story about an illustrious exponent of the art, not to mention all their expert advice and tricks of the trade.

Format: 27,8X27,8 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Photography

Digital Camera Speciale
Foto Spettacolari is a special issue to learn how to convey feelings to people looking photos: the culture and history of a place or the spirit of a moment. The magazine explains how to get fabulous images of a travel reportage: from Cinque Terre to Rome going through the itineraries of the movie La Grande Bellezza. The dynamics of a regatta in a sailing boat and how to photograph in the darkness of a cavern!

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Photography

Nikon Photography Speciale
A series of special monographic issues to explain and analyzes technics and solutions necessary to photograph like a pro. Ritratti illustrates both what kind of lights and staff use indoor and outdoor, and the exposures preferred from the great photographers to get an excellent portrait. Bianco e Nero is a special issue explaining how to regulate the tones of white, black and grey in order to make a modern and intense photo, without colours.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Photography

Droni Magazine
The magazine is dedicated to the world of Drones, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): their components to assemble “do it yourself”, the maintenance, the test, news of the market. From the toy-drone to the professional ones to take pictures, work in agriculture, surveillance, civil protection and so on. The flight schools, the updates of the rules, insurances, the bureaucracy, the developments foreseen in the job world: from the resale activity to take picture/video, from the construction to the assistance. There's also a little market guide with all the information about the models on the market.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: Entertainment

Cina Magazine
Cina Magazine is dedicated to the Land of China: the information, tips and advices to get all the opportunities this Land offers. The magazine is rich of job opportunities, useful addresses and it has a complete calendar of the Chinese fairs. Besides, there are also articles about history, art and traditions. The magazine is the right instrument to face this promising market.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Entertainment

Dinosauri Leggendari
Dinosauri Leggendari is a special issue dedicated to the animals that dominated the Earth for hundred years. In the magazine there is a profile for each dinosaur with its history and characteristics in order to learn how they were and how they lived. Besides, there are the secrets belonging to their names and the up-dates about the discoveries of the paleontologists.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Oneshot - Category: 66

Color Relax
The magazine aspires to make the colours of your soul emerge. Thanks to a few pencils and a little bit of concentration you could get in touch with your true creativity.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: Female Magazine

Art Harmony
The magazine, with a double poster inside, has more than fifty pictures to colour according to the art therapy method: painting zen to relax yourself, to make, through the colours, tensions and anxieties go away from your life.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: Female Magazine

Psicologia Donna
Psicologia Donna is a series of monographic issues on topics like stress, lack of confidence in yourself, personal awareness and other disadvantages in order to give a response to all the psychological questions women ask for.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: Female Magazine

Magliabimbi is specialised on knitted goods for the little ones. Knitting is catching on as an hobby, not only among more traditional housewives, but also among the modern dynamic women of today who wish to let loose their creativity on fabulous designs and original garments for their children, nieces and nephews.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Female Magazine

La Mia Maglia
La Mia Maglia guides knitting fans, whatever their level of skill, in making unique, wearable and beautiful garments. Each original project is accompanied by step-by-step instructions that make failure impossible – even beginners will be able to create splendid knitwear for all the family.

Format: 21x28,5 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Female Magazine

Cucina Dietetica
Cucina Dietetica allows you to get fit helping to calculate how many kcal your body needs and suggesting forty fanciful and easy recipes to cook. Besides there is a section dedicated to dishes for children, one to a diet based on the season and another to a complete menu.

Format: 142x208 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Food

Cucina Dietetica Speciale
Cucina Mare is a special issue dedicated to a key dish of the Mediterranean diet: the fish. In the magazine there are a lot of recipes and a complete menu for a special dinner, tips and advices to choose and cook fish and also a calendar to know which is the best fish to buy according to the season. More than fifty recipes to help us cooking fish in order to eat well without giving up on health.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Food

Vegetariani in Cucina
Vegetariani in cucina is a pocket-sized practical guide for busy vegetarians who have little time to spend in the kitchen but are looking for ideas and recipes for delicious meat-free dishes and snacks. Whether for an everyday meal or a special occasion, the special features will help you make the most of seasonal product and the latest plant-based foodstuffs on the market.

Format: 142x208 - Periodicity: Monthly - Category: Food

Pesci & Pesca Dolce
Feeder Fishing is a complete guide about ledgering game fishing, both in the sea and in the fresh water, realized in collaboration with the experts of Lbf Italia ( Ledgering & Barbel Fishing Italia). The magazine is rich of advices about the equipment and the environment, photos, techniques illustrated step by step and the secrets of the great champions to get big captures and enjoy yourself. Besides, there are also the descriptions of the different fish species.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Fish

Pesci & Pesca Mare
Spin Baits is a special issue about the artificial baits for the game fishing according to the modern spinning technic, both in the sea and in the fresh water. The magazine analyzes nine different artificial baits, their value, lack, characteristics, use. Besides, there's a brief market guide about measures, weights, colors, prices of the different models sold on internet and in the Italian shops.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Fish

Music Hero
The magazine is dedicated to one of the most famous brand of rock: Gibson. The artists who became a symbol and the instruments used, their technical characteristics and curiosity belonging to their construction. More than seventy instruments and thirty artists that marked the history of rock from Jimmy Page to Slash, Eric Clapton to B.B. King and many others.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Music

Classic Rock Speciale
A special issue dedicated to the famous group that marked the history of music. The magazine remembers the history of the group and of the single artist both as musician and as person, the albums and their characteristics, their instruments, the best videos and also their fan club.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Music

BBC History Travel
It's a special issue dedicated to 84 places, split up in 15 itineraries, where you can spend your holidays not only pleasant but also cultural. There are the advices about museums, monuments, archeological evidences, past atmospheres. Through these locations it's possible to relive history.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: History

BBC History Speciale
The life of Hitler in 100 days, those that changed his existence and the history of the world. The magazine is an identikit of the man who left a mark in humankind with such deep injuries that could never heal over. A wide-ranging portrait: love affairs, weaknesses, faults, lusts and the dark charm that bewitched a whole population, ready to be destroyed for him.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: History

BBC History Speciale Extra
A special issue about the Templars: the origin, the history and the places where they lived and owned real estates to manage in order to face the needs of their members. A lot of sections are dedicated to the conflicts, the strategies, the long decline to the dissolution of the very Order. Besides, there is a section about the legends and the mythes of Templars.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: History

BBC History Dossier
Mussolini Cronaca di una vita is a special issue dedicated to the political and human life of Mussolini through the most important 100 days of his existence. Glorious and difficult days, great feats and fatal errors, the achievement of an ambitious man who seemed not to be intended to become such a leader till such a dark and bitter decline.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: History

Dinastie di Conoscere la Storia
Re e Regine is a gallery of extraordinary personalities, well illustrated and written. The issue describes 14 charming biographies from Vittorio Emanuele, Augusto, to the Grimaldi's dynasty or Ludwig von Bavaria. The editorial guise is elegant and refined like the protagonists of the magazine.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: History

Guerre e Guerrieri
Guerre e Guerrieri is a magazine about military history: strategies, technical details about the weapons and the uniforms, the narrative of the most important wars. All enriched by detailed maps and drawings. Besides, there are strategic games and advices about books and events.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: History

Conoscere la Storia Attualit?
Delitti Italiani written in collaboration with Andrea Carlo Cappi, investigative journalist and writer of spy stories, rediscovers 111 criminal histories that interested and upset Italians reporting all the mysteries never revealed, the successes and failures of Ris, the investigations and the obscure judgements. The special issue is enriched by the images of Carlo Jacono, a great master of illustrations, author of covers and issues about crimes and homicides.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: History

Medioevo Misterioso
100 pages of events, characters and mysteries of Middle Ages. Medioevo Misterioso revalues the most defamed age of history emphasizing its magnificence. The magazine is written by specialized historians and it is rich of beautiful images.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Bimonthly - Category: History

Science World Focus Domande e Risposte
The magazine Domande & Risposte faces hundreds questions from life, health, technology to pet and many other topics, with an easy and pleasant style but without loosing prestige and authority. Each issue feeds your will of knowledge wherever you are.

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: 3 issues per year - Category: Science

Il Corpo Umano Speciale
Allergies and intolerances are a fact common and common, that's why the aim of this special issue is to give all the information useful to better understand the upsets you feel. The magazine illustrates clearly and authoritative all you need to do to prevent, take care, live and eat at best. A zoom on the different intolerances and tests gives an overview on how to orient yourself and what kind of diet and feeding choose. 128 pages to learn eating well without loosing taste!

Format: 23x29,7 - Periodicity: Special issue - Category: Science

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